Hazy Moon Zen Center


Los Angeles

The Hazy Moon Zen Center, a training center in Southern California, is directly descended from the late Hakuyu Taizan Maezumi Roshi, upholding the authentic lineage of living Zen Buddhism through committed personal practice and the opportunity to work with a genuine teacher. We offer daily zazen, weekly Dharma talks by our teacher, Nyogen Roshi, intensive retreats and regular classes to help you begin or refine your Zen practice.

This Month

Beginner's Mind Meditation Retreat, Fall Weekend Sesshin, Fusatsu, October Weekend Sesshin, Gay Men's Meditation Group, Meditation Classes

Join us for the Beginner’s Mind Meditation Retreat, Sunday, September 11, 9 am – 3 pm; reserve your spot for the Fall Weekend Sesshin, September 15 – 18; practice atonement with Fusatsu, September 22 at 7:30 pm; plan ahead for the October Weekend Sesshin, October 13 – 16; the Gay Men’s Meditation Group meets most Sundays, 9 am – 12 pm, please check our schedule; sign up for a Saturday morning meditation class; subscribe to our monthly newsletter; to register for programs or for more information about other events, contact us.


You Can Handle This

By Nyogen Roshi This practice isn’t worth much in good times. Anybody can handle good times. But can you handle a flat? On the freeway? In the pouring rain? When you’re a half-hour late to an important meeting? How do you handle that? For me, at least, I’m really grateful. I’m grateful for everything that…

Present Moment, Wonderful Moment

By Mary Jotai Rosendale Here’s how the script went. Loving doggie mama sees her boy through his final years with compassion and patience and lovingkindness. (She is a Buddhist, after all). She soothes his fears (she knows him so well), gently cares for him as he drifts into that dark night and makes the right…

The Top 10 Reasons I Appreciate the Zen Buddhist Training Program

By Michael Isshin Spiller 10 NUMBER 10: It’s so time-consuming. For a lot of people this is an obstacle to establishing a practice. We have so many conflicting commitments: partner, family, career, interests. I too used to have lots of people and ideas and projects competing for my attention – I was quite frenetic and scattered….

quantum zen

A Physicist Encounters Naked Awareness: The Life and Work of Russell Targ

By Michael Isshin Spiller For a number of years at the Hazy Moon, Nyogen Roshi has been talking about science. Specifically how a number of scientists from different disciplines increasingly are hitting upon a track that parallels the insights of classical meditative or spiritual practices. The famous theorists and researchers in the quantum world –…

Audio Interviews with Tom Campbell

Tom Campbell, a professional physicist, has been at the forefront of a movement to shift the study of consciousness from the periphery to the center of modern scientific inquiry. Interview by Nick Shindo Street.