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Visit our Articles page to learn about the lives of students at the Hazy Moon. Some of the topics you’ll find:


Maezumi on Uji: Part Two (23:35)

“All dharmas are Uji,” Maezumi Roshi tells us in the second installment in his series of talks on Dogen Zenji’s commentary on Uji–”being-time.” What does Maezumi Roshi mean when he says that everything is being-time? “Being us,” he says, “being you, being me–that’s Uji.”

Living LineageZen map full 75

A collection of Hazy Moon students’ reflections on the importance of particular figures in our lineage for their practice.  New this month: Don’t Worry, by Roos Ben Ming Stamet-Geurs


PParadisePlain_cvr3.inddaradise Lost and Found

A review of Karen Maezen Miller’s Paradise in Plain Sight.

By Michael Isshin Spiller.



Interview with Shelley Mushoku CaoMushoku portrait 75

Nearly everyone has an unlikely story of how they came to Zen, but at the Hazy Moon, no one’s story covers more miles than Shelley Mushoku Cao’s.




Articles and interviews on the intersection of modern science and Buddhadharma.

Beliefs and BrainsStroke-of-Insight-75

Michael Isshin Spiller finds inspiration in two compelling books, “My Stroke of Insight” by Jill Bolte Taylor and “Proof of Heaven” by Eben Alexander.


Interview with Tom CampbellTom-Campbell-75

Tom Campbell, a professional physicist, has been at the forefront of a movement to shift the study of consciousness from the periphery to the center of modern scientific inquiry. Interview by Nick Shindo Street.


A Conversation with Dr. Robert LanzaLanza-CU-75

Audio excerpts from Dr. Robert Lanza’s talk at the Hazy Moon Zen Center.



Voices of Zen (Video)

Watch Hazy Moon Student Talks and see the confidence and transformativeness of a living Zen practice:

One Moment to be Kind (3:32)

In this video, Luis Chudo Escobar recounts his efforts to overcome his aversion to dogs after his wife adopted a dog named Nori.


Recommended Reading

There are many helpful books on Buddhism and Zen, so we asked Nyogen Roshi to suggest a few titles from his own shelves. This month we focus on:

Cultivating-75Cultivating the Empty Field: The Silent Illumination of Zen Master Hongzhi – Like pearls on a string, this short collection of elegant and poetic writings showcase the crystalline precision of Hongzhi’s enlightened words. Utterly fresh and perfect.


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