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Inspiring Transformation41:20

Kelly Doman Stevens

In this Dharma talk, which he gave shortly after he returned from a hiking adventure to Everest Base Camp in Nepal, Kelly Doman Stevens, sensei, recounts the rewards and challenges of his transforming experience. “It was vast, desolate and awe-inspiring,” he says of the landscape around Mount Everest. “But I wouldn’t call it pretty exactly.” Ultimately he sees his practice as the key factor that enabled him to make a journey that would have been almost impossible for his younger self.


Michael Isshin Spiller

“When he began talking about affirmation practice, I told Nyogen, this is so long overdue for me personally. This habit of negative thinking of mine is poison, and I have been poisoning myself with it for years.”


Michael Isshin Spiller

In a recent talk about his affinities with Zen practice, Michael Isshin Spiller’s inventory began with a pair of items that will be familiar to any regular student at the Hazy Moon. “The first thing that occurred to me,” Isshin said, “was that I have an affinity with sitting. If you don’t cultivate some sort of affinity for sitting, you won’t be at home at the Hazy Moon because that’s what we do here. The other thing that I have an affinity with is listening to the teacher. Always had that, from the first day I heard him

“Recovering Hippie Catholic Zen”12:16


“I do have a real appreciation of Christ as a teacher, so I guess that would make me a Catholic Buddhist… In my view Christ was not unlike Buddha, and was not perhaps the savior in the way we think of him, but an enlightened teacher.”

The Existence of All Buddhas8:54

Chris Gendo Bowman

“If it’s an infinite universe, as soon as you say no, that can’t be, it’s not an infinite universe anymore.”

Just What the Doctor Ordered10:55

Matt Kogyo Silverstein

Matt Kogyo Silverstein recounts his halting journey toward Zen, humorously admitting that he has been counting his breath for more years than it took him to get his Ph.D. “And I still don’t have it!” – See more at: http://test.hazymoon.com/dharma-talks/#sthash.d7fgQmRV.dpuf