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New Years Eve Service – Slideshow

At our ceremony to usher in 2017, Karen Maezen Miller Sensei revolved the sutras while GE Sotetsugen Stinson rocked the zendo on the drum. The next morning we visited Evergreen Cemetery, in a tradition begun by Maezumi Roshi, to honor the Japanese Americans who brought Buddhism to the US. Our annual New Year’s Day pilgrimage…

One Mind

By Nyogen Roshi

You can certainly feel what is happening here with the strength of the samadhi. And yet what you are experiencing is just scratching the surface. This is the most amazing Dharma. Don’t sell it out in a simple or superficial way. It is extremely profound.

Shuso Hossen 2016

Slideshow: Ari Sanmai Robles defends her case as Shuso for Summer Ango 2016

You Can Handle This

By Nyogen Roshi

This practice isn’t worth much in good times. Anybody can handle good times. But can you handle a flat? On the freeway? In the pouring rain? When you’re a half-hour late to an important meeting? How do you handle that?

Maezumi’s Three Teachings

By Karen Maezen Miller

Luckily for me, my teacher Nyogen Roshi keeps repeating the same thing over and over again. (I’m beginning to realize that’s what teachers do.) In nearly every one of his weekly dharma talks he ends up reciting a set of instructions given to him by his teacher Maezumi Roshi in the early days of his training.

Every Day is a Good Day

By Nyogen Roshi

Ummon addressed the assembly and said, “I am not asking you about the days before the 15th of the month, but what about after the 15th? Come, and give me a word about those days.” And he himself gave the answer for them. “Every day is a good day.”

Hazy Moon, Clear Skies

While driving home I encounter a bad thunderstorm. We have these storms almost every day during the summer here in south Louisiana. The sky opens up and the downpour ensues. Driving can be quite a challenge, as everyone seems to react to the conditions differently. Some people drive too slow, others too fast. It can…

The First Noble Misunderstanding

An excerpt from Hand Wash Cold, by Karen Maezen Miller, sensei There’s a lot of misunderstanding about meditation. In fact, that’s pretty much all that meditation is — the process of seeing how very much you’ve misunderstood about it and everything else. We might be drawn to meditation because we want more out of life and…

Present Moment, Wonderful Moment

By Mary Jotai Rosendale Here’s how the script went. Loving doggie mama sees her boy through his final years with compassion and patience and lovingkindness. (She is a Buddhist, after all). She soothes his fears (she knows him so well), gently cares for him as he drifts into that dark night and makes the right…

The Top 10 Reasons I Appreciate the Zen Buddhist Training Program

By Michael Isshin Spiller 10 NUMBER 10: It’s so time-consuming. For a lot of people this is an obstacle to establishing a practice. We have so many conflicting commitments: partner, family, career, interests. I too used to have lots of people and ideas and projects competing for my attention – I was quite frenetic and scattered….