Hazy Moon Zen Center


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Hanamatsuri commemorates Shakyamuni Buddha’s birth on April 8th. It literally means festival of the flowers.


Obon is a traditional Japanese Buddhist observance which allows families to honor and feel closer to their loved ones who have died. It’s a time for sharing memories, prayers, rituals of food and drink, nourishment and generosity.

Parinirvana Day

Parinirvana Daycommemorates the death of Shakyamuni Buddha and his entry into Nirvana.


Fusatsu, our service of atonement, is one of the most beautiful and profound ceremonies in the Zen tradition.


Tokudo is the ceremony that marks a practitioner’s ordination as a Zen priest. To enter the priesthood means to commit oneself forever to the service of others. The Buddha ordained those who expressed a sincere commitment to the dharma. They chose to leave their homes to find a way out of suffering. At the Hazy Moon,…


The precepts are central to all Buddhist traditions. In our Japanese lineage the precept-taking ceremony is called Jukai. In taking the precepts you formally become a Buddhist and a bond is developed between student and teacher. Those who wish to take Jukai begin by sewing or purchasing a Rakusu. The Rakusu is a rectangle of cloth…

Ango and Shuso Hossen

The tradition of Ango (which means “peaceful dwelling” in Japanese) began with the original Buddhist sangha that formed around Shakyamuni in the early years of his teaching in northern India.