Hazy Moon Zen Center


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New Years Eve Service – Slideshow

At our ceremony to usher in 2017, Karen Maezen Miller Sensei revolved the sutras while GE Sotetsugen Stinson rocked the zendo on the drum. The next morning we visited Evergreen Cemetery, in a tradition begun by Maezumi Roshi, to honor the Japanese Americans who brought Buddhism to the US. Our annual New Year’s Day pilgrimage…

Shuso Hossen 2016

Slideshow: Ari Sanmai Robles defends her case as Shuso for Summer Ango 2016

Shinnyo Tokudo Ceremony

Angie Shinnyo Nickol recently ordained as a priest at the Hazy Moon. She and her husband, Markus Kansho Nickol, live in Nuremberg, Germany. Shinnyo was our head trainee during last year’s Summer Ango.

Mujo Precept Transmission

On June 27, John Mujo Fritzlen received Precept Transmission from Nyogen Roshi. Mujo Sensei, who has led the men’s group at the Hazy Moon for many years and has decades of experience in Mahamudra as well as Zen practices, will now wear the brown robe of a transmission holder in our our lineage.

Shuso Hossen 2015

Kim Donin McDonald serves as Shuso for the 2015 Shuso Hossen Ceremony

Ugen Jukai

Highlights from the Jukai ceremony of Jannifer Ju, where she took the Bodhisattva precepts and was given the dharma name “Ugen”