Hazy Moon Zen Center


Los Angeles

Student Video Talks

“Impossible to Deny”

Jotai, student at the Hazy Moon, considers the meaning of zen practice. “For me it’s life with practice, as opposed to life without practice.”

“Being Present”

In this dharma talk, Rev. J.J. Kyoji Anderson speaks about caring for her elderly mother and how being present opens up a world of joy and possibility.

“Living on the Edge”

Kelly Doman Stevens, sensei, recounts his experience of having a stroke and shares how the practice transforms his experience.

“The Cloud”

In this talk given at the Hazy Moon Zen Center of Los Angeles, Hosso Sensei of the Black Scorpion Zen Center of Mexico, relates her fear of public speaking and her experience preparing to give this talk. She shares how her practice allows her to see things as they are.

“Taming the Mind, Dying Well”

Hazy Moon priest Russell Ryozen Martin talks about what being a Zen priest means–or doesn’t mean–for him. His words ultimately lead to the conclusion that his role or purpose is simply to do zazen, the only way he knows to tame his mind and prepare to die well.

“Dying Without Fear”

In this student talk, Donin, a Buddhist Chaplain in training, relates her experience sitting vigil with a dying woman.

“One Moment to be Kind”

In this video, Luis Chudo Escobar recounts his efforts to overcome his aversion to dogs after his wife adopted a dog named Nori.

“Every Place is Wonderful”

Ento, a senior student at the Hazy Moon Zen Center, shares how her practice helps her navigate the ups and downs of life.